1. Feed the pup at regular intervals. Remove any food that has not been eaten within 15 minutes after offering it. The pup should be taken outside immediately following each meal. You must accompany the pup so you can praise pup when the appropriate behavior is performed. As pup is ăgoingä, calmly give cue ăpottyä. Calmly praise pup and give pup a treat.

2. Water should be available until the same time every evening...around 8:00PM is good.

3. The pup should be taken out first thing in the morning and after naps.

4. The pup should be taken outside prior to and after indoor play periods (or any other excitement such as the arrival of guests or your return from an outing) Make sure pup relieves self before pup comes back into the house after outdoor play periods or unsupervised periods outside.

5. The untrained pup must not be given free reign of the house. Puppy should be in the same room as you are in or confined in a crate or outside area when you cannot supervise pup.

6. Do not scold your pup when you come upon an accident in the house. This will only confuse the pup.

Occasionally accidents will happen. Clean the area thoughly to discourage another visit. Several good enzyme-based cleaners on the market report good results for cleanup.

Some housetraining problems are only a symptom of other problems in the canine/human relationship.

Good management is your most important tool

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