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For class times/schedules, please email us at Tee Creek Agility and include your name and the phone number you can be reached at, or call us at 905 384-2531

Agility is an exciting, fast-paced dog sport providing physical and mental challenges to both dog and handler.

    Indoor Agility Course at Tee Creek Dog Training Center

There is no place in agility training for forceful or unpleasant methods--a purely positive approach must be taken to assure that the dog thoroughly enjoys every aspect of the sport. Agility requires us to use voice and body language to direct our dogs over obstacles in ever-changing courses.

Agility can often be described as "a smooth and beautiful dance", demonstrating the ultimate in human/canine communication.

Even if you "can't dance" you will find fun and excitement as well as companionship with both canine partners and our human agility friends.

Most dogs love Agility. The wild eyed youngsters find it a place to tame their adolescent energy. The timid adults find that it builds confidence and provides exercise to increase the quality and length of their lives. The same can be said for us. Agility has something to offer everyone and every dog, from the athletic human with the Border Collie to the senior citizen with the Bernese Mountain Dog, and everyone in between!

Agility can provide the show dog with more poise for the conformation ring and give the obedience competitor a chance to apply advanced obedience skills. I find this is a way to strengthen the bond between you and your canine friend. It can provide anyone with a fun way to spend time with his dog.

The thought of allowing your dog to work ahead and away from you as a team can be the ultimate "rush".

����Tee Creek's Mad Rush

Agility classes are conducted outdoors in summer months and indoors through inclement and winter weather.

We offer Agility classes for FUN so that dogs and owners can have a release from everyday issues they face. Minimal obedience is required. We will start out on low jumps and equipment and class size is small.

Should you desire, Agility classes for competition are offered at all levels in any organization.

NEW Agility Classes

Contact Crazy - Learn how to get reliable contacts for agility

Jumping For Conditioning - Dogs need to be in condition to jump properly, learn how NOT to make your dog a weekend warrior.

Shaping For Weave Poles - Learn how to shape your dog to do weave poles (this is hands-off training).

For class times/schedules, please email us.

Note to Class Attendees:
You will need to bring a flat collar, 6 Ft leash, toys and lots of interesting treats.
Suggestions for treats: cut up dime size wieners, Cheerios with garlic powder sprinkled on them, Rollover (sausage shaped product) most pet stores carry it, cooked chicken/beef/turkey, cooked beef heart, cooked liver (use sparingly), cut up cheese or any other product your dog will eat.
You should have at least 5 different treats with you when you come to class.