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For class times/schedules, please email us at and include your name and the phone number you can be reached at, or call us at 905 384-2531

Tee Creek runs Herding classes year round. We offer a variety of stock including ducks, geese and cattle, as well as wool sheep and hair sheep. Indoor herding with sheep and ducks is offered in the winter months.

I offer herding instruction for all breeds and mixes (traditional, rare, and non-herding) and all ages. Working mostly with upright/loose-eyed breeds, I enjoy watching any dog take responsibility for livestock. I do believe that dog owners should be able to enjoy the breed of dogs they have and that "herding breeds" do not have a monopoly on either desire to work or herding instinct.

I also believe that any dog and handler can enjoy the sport of herding. I feel that handicaps are just training challenges whether they be for the dog or person.

Accept no limitations!

Many suburban dogs have herding instincts that cause problems and tension in their homes--chasing cars, kids, and other household pets. Channeling this instinct in the proper direction can let the dog both understand proper herding etiquette and relieve its tension. The responsibility it has for getting the job done while herding often spills over into its everyday life, resulting in a confident, happy and enthusiastic dog. It plays more, has more energy for other training and is more likely to be responsive to you.

Sessions are kept fun, enjoyable, and short to keep the dog's motivation and understanding at a high level. I do use clickers with owners who want to use this technique, and I do use food and toys to reward the dog for a job well done.

My facilities include large pasture areas, small pens and obstacles (CKC field, AHBA field, JHD). We use a round pen technique with all starting dogs. Herding instruction can be private one on one lessons to make certain you get off to the right start. I also offer group lessons once you are ready.

Our objective is to teach herding to any breed of dog, keeping in mind that all dogs WILL be assessed before being allowed with any stock. Any goal that a person has can be achieved if methods are followed and your dog is having fun.

Herding with a Great Dane

Herding with a Cocker Spaniel

Please Respect the Livestock
My sheep each have their own personality and I can tell them all apart. If you are here long enough, you too will see that they are individuals and will learn to respect them for their unique differences. I really do enjoy my sheep and like working with and around them. This enables me to put them in groups providing each dog/handler team with sheep that will challenge them but also give them the opportunity to be successful.

The safety of the livestock is the first and foremost issue and dogs will be removed at the Instructor's request.

Some areas are restricted for the safety of baby animals.

  • Dogs must be leashed when not being worked.
  • We require flat buckle collars and a 6 foot rope with a will get dirty!
  • Clean up after your dogs - EVERYWHERE.
  • Try to keep barking to a minimum.
  • Herding is an outdoor sport and class goes on with few exceptions. You should dress appropriately and expect that you and your dog will get dirty. Please bring appropriate footwear (including boots & rain gear, just in case).

Herding with a Beauceron

Classes & Lessons

Private/Beginner "Stock Handling"
This is a hands on experience for you, without your dog, to clear up the mystery of moving stock. You will learn to understand flight zones, move stock from one place to another, pressure and release and balance.

Private/Beginner "Dry Work"
This will teach the necessary skills in herding before working with your dog and stock.

Private/Beginner (first time herding students)
This will not necessarily be a full working half hour for the dog.

Clicker Herding
You will learn how to use the clicker when you are in the herding arena with your dog and also for dry work.

One-Day Introduction to Herding Clinic

These clinics are set up to help the handler understand his part in the herding game. Understand how your tools affect the dog and stock. Learn to understand livestock behavior and how it affects stock handling. Lunch provided. more information click here

Sheep Camp

  • Camps can be made ANY NUMBER of days upon request...
  • We will custom tailor your camp to fit your needs
  • Herding sheep,cattle and ducks on site
  • Basic or competitive obedience foundation required

Camp Dates Click here to check on dates!

If you don't see a camp date that fits your time frame, please email us to work out available times.

Instinct Testing
Still not sure? Want to know if your dog has what it takes to herd? To set up an appointment, please email us.