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August 2 -3 2014


ASCA Civic Holiday Show

4 ASCA Stockdog Trials

5 Conformation shows

2 Obedience Trials (Saturday Only)

2 Rally Trials (Saturday Only)

1 Agility Trial


Special awards!

Conformation, Rally, Obedience, and Agility will be held outdoors on grass


August 2 - 3, 2014


Tee Creek Dog Training Center

Niagara Falls, Ontario Canada

Information and premiums can be found at:


Pre-entries postmarked by June 16, 2014

Pre-entries close: July 25, 2014

Day of Entries taken if shows do not fill. To find out if the trial has filled, email Dave Harris at dave@talkwireless.caor call 905-384-2531 before Friday at 4pm the day before the show.

** No e-mail or phone entries accepted **

Conformation Judges:

Saturday AM show - Ann Dechant

Saturday PM1 show - Olga Gagne

Saturday PM2 show - Betsy Atkinson

Sunday AM Catherine Thompson

Sunday PM Michelle Scott

MVA Evaluation Judge:

Ann Dechant

Obedience and Rally Judges:

Judge for all obedience and all rally shows:

Catherine Thompson

Stock Dog Judges:

Rachael Vest, Jan Wesen

Agility Judge:

Lisa Potts


To earn the Most Versatile Aussie Award, each entry must earn a score from the

Conformation Evaluation, a qualifying score from a regular Stockdog class and at

least one qualifying score from a regular obedience, agility or rally class. All rules per

MVA rule book except we will allow Rally Novice Obedience to count. Will deduct

25pts from score.

Show secretaries:

Conformation Show Secretary: Kathy Warner 905 384-2531

Obedience/Rally Show Secretary: Kathy Warner 905 384-2531

Agility Show Secretary: Sue Bartleson 585-732-6620

Stock Dog Show Secretary: Sharon Arthur   Questions contact: Kathy Warner 905 384-2531

Overall Show Coordinator: Dave Harris 905-384-2531

Click here to Download Conformation Premium and Entry

Click here to Download Obedience Premium and Entry

Click here to Download Agility Premium and Entry

Click here to Download Rally Premium and Entry

Click here to Download Stock Dog Premium and Entry



Note to our participants: We are now able accept debit & credit cards (as well as balance transfers) via Paypal. If you would like to use this option, send your payment to and please make sure to include the name of the clinic you are registering for in the Subject line. Please choose Canadian funds as your currency and Paypal will convert at the current bank rate. If you would prefer paying by check, please check your registration form for the information.