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Tee Creek Dog Training Center is the host to several clubs in the Niagara Region.

The Niagara Regional Herding Club was formed to run CKC herding events in the Niagara area and was officially accepted by the CKC in 2005.

Our first herding trial took place in November 2005. Please check Trials & Matchs for details on upcoming events.

Tee Creek Versatility Club was incorporated to host events at Tee Creek. Our AHBA (American Herding Breed Association) herding trials and our CPE (Canine Performance Events) agility trials are run under this club.

Willoughby Stock Dog Club is an ASCA (Australian Shepherd Club of America, Inc.) club. ASCA events include herding, obedience, agility, conformation and tracking and are all held under the auspices of this organization

Our first ASCA event was August 5 - 7, 2006. Please watch website under Trials & Matches for up and coming events.

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